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7 Reasons Why E-scooters Make Great Commute Rides

Electric scooters for adults are no longer just kick scooters for children and teenagers. These personal micro-mobility devices have become a new and convenient way to travel for students and workers around the city. In fact, more people choose e-scooters over cars. Here are seven reasons why you should get them today if you are considering buying an e-scooter for everyday transport to school, work, or errands.

  1. Extremely Portable

One of the main reasons why more people prefer electric scooters over other personal vehicles is their portability. Unlike a motorcycle, e-scooters are small, compact, and lightweight. Because of their size, they can be carried anywhere, especially if you need to ride public transport or climb up the stairs. Plus, you can store e-scooters in most small spaces, such as under desks, inside cabinets, and within small gaps.

However, note that a lighter e-scooter means a smaller motor and battery. So, you may need to compromise on some features on distance range and motor power if you prefer portability. Overall, the best electric scooter for adults that need a practical daily ride is compact, lightweight, and foldable such as Mearth RS eScooter or Inokim Super Light 2 Max.

  1. Quick and Practical Ride

Commuting on an electric scooter allows you to zip through the city quickly in a practical way. Many use it as a first and last-mile solution. This refers to the distance you take before or after riding public transportation, such as going to the nearest subway or bus station. Since e-scooters are lightweight, you can easily fold the e-scooter and carry it when riding public transportation.

Plus, you no longer have to worry about parking space with an e-scooter. You can either carry it to your workplace and store it under your desk, or park it on a bike rack. You don’t have to waste time looking and paying for parking. 

  1. Bypasses Traffic Easily

One of the major concerns in highly-dense cities is traffic. According to McCrindle Research, commuters in Sydney spend 71 minutes travelling on average, making it one of the longest commute times in Australia. Electric scooters help cut down your travel time by allowing you to bypass traffic and arrive at your destination faster.

Electric scooters for commuting also help you go through narrow or alternative routes, which help you cut time travelling. Personal e-scooters are still mostly prohibited on public roads, so you will need to take a different route. As a result, you avoid road congestion and cut down your commute time.

  1. More Affordable than a Car

Buying a commuting scooter for adults is cheaper than buying a car. Canstar Blue’s survey reveals that a brand new car costs $40,128 on average in Australia. Meanwhile, buying an average e-scooter costs from $300 to $800. High-performance e-scooters cost over $1,000 and may reach up to $4,000. These are already expensive, but they still offer a much more affordable option than a car.

Aside from this, e-scooters have little to no maintenance costs. It uses fewer parts, so it has fewer parts that could break down and that should be replaced. If cared for properly, you might even have no maintenance costs at all. In addition, you don’t have to worry about fuel costs since the battery is rechargeable. Overall, owning an e-scooters costs less than owning a car and costs minimal to maintain each month.

  1. Eco-friendly

Commuters who are conscious of their carbon footprint would benefit from riding electric scooters rather than fueled vehicles. E-scooters emit zero carbon dioxide emissions and harmful gases. They help reduce air pollution, especially in highly dense cities.

A study by shared e-scooter platform Lime found that their e-scooters helped save 330 tons of carbon dioxide emissions in Paris within a year. The study also found that if Paris continues to allow e-scooters in public, the city could save over 10,000 CO2 emissions by 2030.

Aside from this, most e-scooters are made from recyclable material. Since e-scooters have a short lifespan, their parts and materials can be recycled. As a result, they don’t contribute to the increasing land waste. Overall, if more people use e-scooters, it could reduce air pollution significantly in cities. 

  1. A Fun Way to Travel

The best thing about electric scooters for adults is that they can bring you anywhere. Whether you want to travel in the city, suburbs, or camping grounds, an e-scooter offers the right size, power, and practicality to get from point A to point B. A survey by Lime in Washington, DC found that 72% of riders were able to visit more local shops and attractions.

Plus, e-scooters offer a fun way to travel. Feel like a kid again as you enjoy the speed as you zip through the city. Explore the city and travel with no limits when you ride an e-scooter.

  1. Helps Reduce Noise Pollution

Noise pollution refers to excessive amounts of noise. This includes cars, motorcycles, trains, construction equipment, loud music, and barking dogs in cities. However, road vehicles are one of the major contributors to noise in cities. Since electric scooters don’t use a fuel engine, they are quieter than a car or motorcycle, even when speeding. If more people prefer commuting on an electric scooter, then the noise from road vehicles will decrease significantly.

Experience a Better Way of Travelling

These are just some of the many reasons why more people prefer commuting on electric scooters. Overall, they provide a practical, green-energy, fun, and affordable way to travel within cities. As the demand for these devices increases, they will continue to shape urban transportation, especially for the micro-mobility sector.