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Why Dual-motor E-Scooters for All Terrains are Gathering Popularity

Dual motor electric scooters have become a favourite among electric scooter riders and curious commuters. Having two motors in an e-scooter delivers more power, better performance, and an impressive riding experience than a single motor e-scooter. Dual-motor e-scooters, in particular, excel in high speeds, all-terrain rides, and long ranges.

Among the countless dual-motor e-scooters in the market, two particular e-scooter models have been making waves in the community for their dual-motor engine and impressive performance. These are the Mearth GTS MAX and Bolzzen Gladiator 6021.

The Mearth GTS MAX offers a burst output of 3200W, allowing it to deliver up to 70 kph and up to 100 km. This premium flagship electric scooter by Mearth delivers limitless capabilities on the road, thanks to its power, speed, and range.

Meanwhile, the Bolzzen Gladiator 6021 offers an exciting dual-motor e-scooter with a peak output of up to 4000W. Many consider it one of the fastest in the market with up to 75 km/h. Plus, it delivers up to 85 km on eco mode. Overall, it can take on any terrain with ease.

If you are in the market for a high-speed, long-range, and heavy-duty electric scooter, here are the reasons why you should consider buying a dual-motor electric scooter.

What Makes Dual Motor E-scooters Popular?
Although dual-motor e-scooters are not as portable as regular commuter e-scooters, they offer the impressive performance, power, and quality that single motor e-scooters can’t achieve. These factors make dual e-scooters popular among e-scooter riders.
High Speed and Quick Acceleration
Dual motor e-scooters, like the Mearth GTS MAX and Bolzzen Gladiator 6021, boast incredibly high speeds thanks to their powerful motors. Those who need a high-speed ride for off-roading will experience the thrill as dual motors deliver faster speeds. Plus, the high motor power produces more torque. So, reaching top speed will only take seconds.

For example, the Mearth GTS MAX produces up to 70 kph, while the Bolzzen Gladiator 6021 delivers up to 75 kph. Use these speeds to get to your destination faster and enjoy the thrill it brings while riding.

However, keep in mind that most cities have an e-scooter speed limit. Only ride these top speeds on private property to avoid getting penalised. Moreover, always wear a helmet and other safety gear to protect yourself while riding, especially at high speeds.

Impressive Range
Dual motor e-scooters often include large batteries, so that the motors draw enough energy to deliver long ranges. So, even though dual motors consume more energy, it doesn’t limit the e-scooter range. For example, the Mearth GTS MAX can ride up to 100 km, while the Bolzzen Gladiator 6021 can travel up to 85 km in eco mode.

However, regardless of whether your motor or battery is powerful, note that many factors affect your e-scooter range. It includes your riding style, terrain, and weight, among many others. Nonetheless, expect to get long ranges from dual motor e-scooters in real-world conditions.

Heavy Maximum Load
The maximum load of an e-scooter refers to the maximum weight capacity that your e-scooter can handle. Buying a dual-motor e-scooter means it has ample power to carry and pull heavy loads. Most commuter or single motor electric scooters can carry up to 100 kg, while dual-motor e-scooters can carry weight beyond that.

For example, both the Mearth GTS MAX and Bolzzen Gladiator 6021 offer a max load capacity of 150 kg. Riders on the heavier side will have no problem riding these e-scooters as the e-scooters offer enough durability to support heavy loads.

All-terrain Capability
Dual motors deliver enough power and performance to ride through various terrains and conditions. These e-scooters are designed to travel on rough roads, uneven paths, and steep inclines. Plus, some include a high IP rating, making them dust and water-resistant.

Aside from the powerful motors, dual-motor e-scooters also include a sturdy build, impressive suspension, and big tyres. These factors contribute to their impressive ride quality. For example, both Mearth GTS MAX and Bolzzen Gladiator 6021 offer front and rear heavy-duty suspension and 10-inch pneumatic tyres. Plus, they offer a maximum incline of 30 degrees. These qualities make these e-scooters reliable and safe to use on any terrain.

Should You Get a Dual Motor E-scooter?
Get a dual motor e-scooter if you need a powerful ride that can take on steep hills, off-roading, and high speeds. Plus, consider a dual motor if you need a heavier max load. Ultimately, getting dual motors promises the maximum performance possible in an e-scooter. As a result, you get the most out of your rides.

However, a dual-motor e-scooter isn’t for you if you prioritise portability over performance. Note that these types of e-scooters tend to be heavier than most e-scooters in the market. After all, you get two motors and a large battery.

Consider your preferences and needs carefully, and see whether a dual-motor e-scooter like the Mearth GTS MAX or the Bolzzen Gladiator 6021 fit your lifestyle. Expect to get the maximum thrill and performance from either of these e-scooters.